We love building, and we love tech, so we made Brickit — an app that scans jumbles of bricks and helps you turn them into starships, dragonflies, pineapples wearing sunglasses, and whatever else you can imagine.

What’s Brickit in a nutshell

Brickit is an app. It scans a pile of bricks, identifies every piece in the pile, gives you ideas for what to build with them and lets you share what you make with other enthusiasts. Brickit gives you meticulous instructions but never expects you to follow them meticulously. Inspired improvisation is more our thing. Brickit is free and has some paid Pro features and is available on both iOS and Android.

Why did we make Brickit

We want to breathe life back into those old bricks you have stowed away in old shoe boxes. We believe building is an awesome activity for everyone ages 0–199, and that our technology makes it even more fun—approximately 100 or 101 times more so.

Who is Brickit made for

Everyone who has bricks! Our core audience is children ages 3 to 7 and their parents. Whenever parents want to spend time with their kids, Brickit is there—providing an educational and engaging activity that’s perfect for family time. But of course, people of all ages (including our development team) love to build, so we made our app for all of them.

How we got the idea

The story is straightforward. Our founder Leo has a son. Leo’s son has some bricks—actually, lots of them. In the past, he spent a lot of time finding the exact bricks he needed, which was frustrating. One day, Leo wondered whether there was a way to escape those tedious searches. He found a way, and that way was Brickit. Now we’re a little tech-savvy team with a working background in tech giants like Google and Yandex spread across Europe and the US.

What technology does Brickit use

The main thing that makes Brickit possible is machine learning. We make an infinite number of 3D models of piled bricks and let our algorithm recognise each and every brick in the models. Of course, sometimes the algorithm makes mistakes, and we politely point them out to increase its accuracy. But that’s only the first step! Then we introduce our algorithm to the real world and real photos that our users send in so it can learn on them too! In the end, we have a well-educated algorithm that can recognise 1600 of the most common bricks from even just the tiniest bits.

How to get in touch with us

Our mail is team@brickit.app. We read it religiously.