We love construction toys, and we love tech, so we made Brickit — an app that scans any jumble of bricks and helps you turn it into some beautiful thing such as starship, dragonfly or pineapple wearing cool sunglasses.

What is Brickit in a nutshell

Brickit is an app. It scans your pile of bricks, identifies every piece in it, gives you ideas what to build with them and lets you share the things you make with other enthusiasts. Brickit has meticulous instructions but never expects you to follow them meticulously. Inspired improvisation is more our thing. Brickit is free and has some paid Pro features and it is available via both iOS and Android.

Why we do what we do

We want to breathe life back into all the old bricks stowed somewhere far away in those old shoe boxes. We believe that building is an awesome activity for every individual 0–199 years old, and that our technology makes it even more fun — approximately 100 or 101 times so.

Who is Brickit made for

Everyone who has bricks! Our core audience is children from 3 to 7 years old and their parents. Whenever they want to spend time together, Brickit is there — providing both educational and engaging activity, perfect as a family time. But of course people of every age (our own team included) love to build, so we made our app for all of them.

How we got the idea

The story is pretty straightforward. Our founder Leo has a son. And Leo’s son has some bricks. Actually, lots of them. It was not that rare in the past that he spent time and time to find the one exact brick he needed. Which is, to be honest, frustrating. So one day Leo got curious if there is a way to escape these tedious searches. The way was found, and so was Brickit. Now we are a little tech-savvy team with working background in tech giants like Google and Yandex spread across Europe and the US.

What are the technologies inside

The main thing that makes Brickit possible is a wonder of machine learning. We make an infinite number of 3D models of piled bricks and let our algorithm to recognise each and every brick in them. Of course sometimes it makes mistakes, and we politely point them out to it, increasing its accuracy. But it’s only the first step! Then our algorithm meets the real world and the real photos of our audience. And it learns on them too! In the end we a have a well-educated algorithm, which can recognise 1600 most widespread bricks even by the tiniest bits of them.

How to get in touch with us

Our mail is team@brickit.app. We read it religiously